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For most gamers, PlayStation remains to be a favorite. In fact, it's among the most widely used brands, both in the current and past generations. Currently, the new PlayStation 4 is among the best-selling gaming consoles. And, that alone speaks a lot for this brand's popularity. Among the most exciting aspects of PlayStation which are barely known to many is the PlayStation Network. It's a service which, when used properly, enhances the entertainment experience of PlayStation owners dramatically.

What's the PlayStation Network (PSN)?

It can be best described as an online media and gaming content distribution service. Initially, Sony Corporation developed this service to support their PS3 gaming console. But, over time, it has been extended to support other Sony devices, including PlayStation 4 (PS4), as well as music and video streaming. The PlayStation Network (PSN), operated and owned by Sony Network Entertainment, competes with its rival counterpart, the Xbox Live Network.

How's the PlayStation Network Used?

This service lets you expand the entertainment you enjoy from your PS4 system. Users can make use of the PSN through either:
-Sony PS3 and PS4 consoles, or any other compatible device, or
-A Web browser pointing to a PSN's website Upon signing in to PlayStation Network, you'll be able to enjoy a broad variety of excellent features and services. To access the PSN, one's required to set up a Sony Entertainment online account. You'll thus need to have a reliable Internet connection. But, creating this account is completely free.

Creating a PlayStation Network (PSN) Account

Sony provides for both free and premium subscriptions. New PSN subscribers are required to provide their email address and choose a unique identifier/tag. Other information you'll need include home city, postal code, state, date of birth, and language. If you don't wish to go through all those steps, you can directly connect your Facebook account with the new PSN account. Upon doing so, your Facebook profile picture and name will appear right next to your PSN alias. As a subscriber, you can sign into this Network to play online, multiplayer games and track your gaming statistics. Below are the primary features you'll get to enjoy when using the PlayStation Network.

Key Features of the PlayStation Network

  1. The Integrated PlayStation Store
    The PSN comes included with a PlayStation Store, a Web-based shop where you'll come across multiple, different games and videos. Users can use the standard credit cards to make purchases. Alternatively, one can make their purchases using the PlayStation Network Card. It's just another form of prepaid debit cards and shouldn't be considered a network adapter.
  2. PlayStation Now
    The PlayStation Now Feature will enable you to stream various online games right from the cloud. It's a service that has gained significant popularity since its initial launch back in 2014.
  3. PlayStation Vue, Music, and Video
    Quite some Sony devices, including PS3, PS4, and PS5, support PSN Music. It allows users to stream music via apps like Spotify. PSN Video offers a broad variety of online rentals, in addition to helping you purchase television programs and digital movies. PSN Vue, Sony's digital TV service, comes with several, different subscription package options. Such include access to could-based playback and recording, similar to what you get with the home DVR systems.

Upgrade to the PlayStation (PS) Plus

The PS Plus is a premium PSN membership plan which allows users to enjoy access to even more exclusive services and games. However, you'll need to pay additional subscription fees to make use of the PS Plus. It offers numerous, additional benefits like: -Access to online PS4 multiplayer games -Access to full versions of selected games until the time you cancel your subscription -Discount pricing on various PlayStation Store items

How Much PS Plus Costs

This premium PlayStation Plus encompasses multiple PlayStation Network features which benefit PS Vita, PS3, PS4, and PSP owners. Sony allows users to choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans. Here are the usual costs for the different plans: 1-Month: $9.99 3-Month: $17.99 12-Month: 49.99

Subscribing to PS Plus

There are several options to select from in case you wish to subscribe to PlayStation Plus. First, you can purchase a membership directly from your region's Sony Entertainment Network website. Alternatively, you can purchase a PSN prepaid card from marketplaces from Amazon. You can fund your PlayStation Network account directly via PayPal. However, bear in mind that PS Plus memberships are specifically tied to the region your PSN account belongs to. For instance, only a U.S. PS Plus subscription can be used with a U.S-based PSN account. But, creating a PSN account is incredibly simple, regardless of your particular location.

Benefits of PS Plus

The PS Plus membership plan doesn't just give you access to free games. There are additional perks which are not known to many.

Some of these are discussed below:

  • Extra Storage
    You'll get additional online storage space, enabling you to save your gaming data. It's a convenient option as you'll be able to keep your gaming progress safe.
    You won't have any reason to worry in case your console breaks. Besides, it's a seamless way to synchronize your progress across different consoles running the same game.
  • Exclusive Trials and Game Betas
    PS Plus automatically grants PS3 users access to exclusive game betas and trials, including games which haven't been finally released. Additionally, subscribers get to enjoy exclusive PS3 avatars and themes.
  • Automatic Updates
    The feature enables PS consoles to install system updates and game patches automatically. Your console will even automatically sync trophies. Besides, you can adjust that to have these functions take place at night, for example.
  • Discounts and Sales
    It's undoubtedly among the best features of PS Plus. The official PSN site's storefront is updated with new titles on a regular basis. PS Plus members are automatically entitled to more than 10% additional discounts on available promotions and most new releases.

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